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Möbis, Carolina; Ullrich, Jens; Wipfelder, Ingelis: Die Schwarze Katze – Regelwerk, Waldems 2019.

Ullrich, Jens; Wipfelder, Ingelis: Die Schwarze Katze – Bestiarium, Waldems 2019.

Möbis, Carolina; Schäkel, Nadine; Tretau, Nora; Ullrich, Jens; Wipfelder, Ingelis: Die Schwarze Katze - Kompendium, Waldems 2019.

Cramer, Matthias; Rühl, Steffen; Herzmann, Nils; Müller, Daniel; Noack, Hendrick; Coates, Jason; Geiermann, Andreas; Wipfelder, Ingelis:  Glen More II Chronicles - Boardgame with Kickstarter, Eitorf 2019.

Unannounced project for Ulisses Spiele: P&P roleplaying book of 240 pages including worldbuilding, introduction to the new world & rules to play by; Waldems 2020


About Me 

  • Self-written and self-organised murder mystery dinners since 2011

  • Voluntary, qualified (school) educational work at Schlau RLP from 05.06.2016 to 30.09.2018

  • Hobby Illustrator (all pictures are made by me)

  • Active pen & paper role play since 2013 & regular game master since 2017

  • D1 - Saxophone (6 years), now I play Tin Wistle and Blues Harp (more enthusiastic than good)

  • 10 years martial arts (9 years of Karate and 1 year of Ai Kido)

  • Other than that I like reading, dressing up, art, dancing, (obviously) games & writing, philosophy, politics, animal documentations & psychology

  • Game Jams: Ludum Dare 2016, Global Game Jam (GGJ) 2017 (SHOVEL OF THE MIGHTY PLASTIC !!!), Rollen- und Brettspiel Jam 2017, GGJ 2018 (Wireless Wolf), Ludum Dare 2019 (Teller me more),  GGJ 2020 (Disaster Dating), GGJ 2021 (Train of Thought)


“It doesn't stop being magic just because you know how it works.”

- Terry Pratchett, The Wee Free Men



Lüttringhauserstr. 46
51103 Köln

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